Ankheret (Version 1.25)

Author: Ber Date: 2016-09-01 19:44:30 Stage: Finished Download for desktop

Change log:

  • Flamehollow Phoenix changed from 5RR to 4RR.
  • Opener of the Way does stuff now.
  • Underworld Escort now lets you choose how many to sacrifice.
  • Firstborn's Demise: Changed wording, functionality the same.
  • Plaguetouch Mummy costs 3B (was 2B).
  • Excavate now self-mills 7 and retrieves 1 (was sellf-mill 2 retrieve 2).
  • Hatseket is now 4/2 (was 2/5) so it's easier for her to die (which is good for her ability).