Ankheret (Version 2.1)

Author: Ber Date: 2017-02-20 20:20:14 Stage: Finished Download for desktop

Change log:

  • Unexplore fixed to intended version; can only target your lands.
  • Plea Bargain now costs B instead of 1B because Reuben changed it in Tesla.
  • Duality of Passion now costs 1R because one mana rituals are too swingy. Also, the card wasn't very fun for the opponent since the choices offered were too rigid. Now, the opponent can add three mana of any color (was RRR), or can discard up to three cards then draw that many cards.
  • Acolyte of Coils now affects Wurms.
  • Wild Camelicorn is now 2/3 (was 2/2).
  • New art: Heart of Erises (matches the moon better), Planar Lockdown (matches the event better) and Part the Sea (old art was also used in Dreamscape's Reality Wave).
  • Other minor text fixes.