Ankheret (Version 2.2)

Author: Ber Date: 2017-05-04 21:06:33 Stage: Finished Download for desktop

Change log:

  • Wayfarer Giant: is a 4/4 now (was 3/3).
  • Sentesh, God of Secrets: the life payment thing is now 2 (was 3).
  • Treasure Room of Akhamesses: the trigger now costs XX (was X).
  • Cryptic Reversal: Now can only target an opponent (it's a color break if you target yourself).
  • Burial Chamber: Now mills two (was three). (rebalanced for custom Standard due to Dreamscape's premonition)
  • Firstborn's Demise: If multiple creatures are tied for highest cost, the player chooses only one to sacrifice.
  • Duality of Passion: Last mode is now rummage 2 (was rummage up to 3).
  • Duality of Destiny: Second mode is now draw a card for each creature you control (was put a creature with power 5 or less from your hand onto the battlefield). It's also now a sorcery, since none of its modes need to be instants and I don't want instant card draw in green. (This Duality got changed due to formatting issues; once I fixed the Plant tokens' missing characteristics, it caused a line break and the font became too small, so I needed a shorter mode somewhere else.)
  • Temephis Promenade: The creature now gains lifelink, in addition to vigilance.
  • Mass Decrypt: Now costs 2BB but gives unearth B. (was 1B, 1B).
  • Mind renamed to Thought and Electrify renamed to Electrify the Soul.
  • Watermark added to story spotlight cards.
  • Minor text fixes.