Blackened Skies

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The plane of Cogsban has two primary regions, the city and the otherlands. Virtually all of Cogsban’s human residents live in the city, which is going through massive, rapid expansion due to the discovery of a new, mana-rich ore underground. This ore, when combusted, can have its mana extracted and used for power. However, the combustion process has a byproduct of soot and smoke that is then vented into the air. Over the course of two decades, this ended up leading the city to its an industrial, steam-powered state, though it has also lead to a large amount of smog coating the skies. From this smog, respiratory illness has begun to plague the citizens and it has even been correlated to machine inefficiencies. Furthermore, the city is beginning to experience an energy crisis; they are running out of active mines for this ore within city limits, the government has proposed simply mining outside the city and then expanding city limits to those areas for development afterwards, but a small minority within the government fears what may happen to Cogsban’s natural world under this plan. There is no knowledge of what’s beyond the city and thus no knowledge of the potential harm city expansion could cause.

Enter Buckley and Floyd, a pair of brothers greatly concerned with the issues current energy forms are causing. For a long time, they had been pushing the government to grant them funds for an exploration outside the city to retrieve information in the greater plane, but they were consistently turned down due to a lack of interest. This all changed when a young upstart in the government by the name of Dionis offered the brothers their funding personally, easily swaying the small environmentalist majority within to support them as well.

During Buckley and Floyd’s expedition, back in the city, there is an increasing discontent among the lower class—who tend to be tasked with making widgets, airships, and other government-ordered devices—and the upper class and government—who pay very little attention to the general public and give very little care to poverty or the growing criminal underbelly. Talk of riot is common and natural leaders fit a rebellion like the sparkmage Tessith are making themselves known. Spies like Kikai have successfully infiltrated the government and are bringing in intelligence on government plans before their public release. All the citizens need is one mistep and they can put their plans into action.


  • Is a large set and part of a two set block (henceforth known as Blackened Skies Block)
  • Has 249 cards (101 commons, 80 uncommons, 53 rares, 15 mythic rares)
  • Features the following mechanics:

    o Smog Counters (Whenever a permanent with a smog counter on it becomes tapped, its controller loses 1 life for each smog counter on that permanent.)

    o Program: [Ability] (Widgets you control have [Ability])

    o Supplement—Whenever a spell or ability would cause you to choose between two or more modes, you may use each mode you chose an additional time.

    o Adjunct—The next time a spell or ability would cause you to choose between two or more modes, you may use as many different modes as you would like OR you may use an additional mode.

    o Fortuity—The next time a player would flip a coin, you determine whether that player wins or loses that flip.

Points of Interest

  • Mechanically the set has a very heavy focus on artifacts. In fact, the set is over 46% artifacts.
  • The set was designed to give off a heavy steampunk and industrial feel.
  • Features five story spotlight cards to help show a relationship between the set lore and the cards within the set.
  • Cards are searchable in to be played with!

Archetype Showcase

As with most sets nowadays, Blackened Skies uses the ten two-color guild pairings as the basis for its Archetypes.

Colors Archetype Description
Airship and/or Gadget Value Tribal Working with both Airship and Gadget synergy effects, outlast the opponent and build up an impressive board. Signpost Uncommon: Metalwork Duelist
Smog Value Use the downside of smog counters to power down your opponent's permanents and play high-value, ahead-of-curve creatures that use smog as a minor downside, then remove the smog counters from your permanents. Signpost Uncommon: Smogmarshal
Widget Midrange Work with both offensive and defensive Programs depending on the stage of the game and the opponent's deck. Signpost Uncommon: Shieldbarer
Modal Value Use the flexibility of modal spells to your advantage and generate extra value with Adjunct and Supplement abilities. Signpost Uncommon: Fungal Overgrowth
Heavy Control Play a slower game until you can hit a finisher or run the opponent out of resources. Signpost Uncommon: Smogspitter Vessel
Coin Flipping Utilize a combination of coin flip effects and the Fortuity ability to maximize the value of your otherwise random chance cards. Signpost Uncommon: Master of Whimsy
Modal Control Take full advantage of modal spells and wait the opponent out until you can develop your board. Signpost uncommon: Sporeshooter
Widget Aggro Take full advantage of the Program keyword to maximize the power of your widget forces. Signpost Uncommon: Metalworks Brawler
Death and Destruction A toolbox-y archetype looking to generate the most value it can with cards from its two colors. Signpost Uncommon: Lumberslicer
Good Stuff Try to gather the best cards in each of your colors and build a deck that can work around most of the other strategies you might face. Signpost Uncommon: Welpcraft Artisan

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