Contenders (Planeswalkers) (Version 18)

Author: TimFReilly Date: 2018-06-17 08:24:16 Stage: Development

See also the Main Set Version 18 notes

Change log:

  • Added Peng Ping, the Curious. This giant planeswalker is meant to be a more challenging build around for players looking to try a new style. I anticipate having to tweak many of his numbers.
  • Changed Golmorn, Planar Judge by lowering his third ability from a -6 to -5. I think he still needs more improvements, but I'm unsure if those changes will come to the PW card itself or to his support in the set.
  • Changed Thaegen the Confined by downgrading his +1 to a 0. I think the ability is still maybe too weird. This is a temporary change to allow for more testing.
  • Changed Chael, Meszaros Liason by lowering her second ability from a -3 to a -1. Chael has a lot of utility but her second ability was rarely used. I'm hoping to see players fish out more Arise cards and zap lands from their library.
  • Changed Gralanth, Voice of Jund to generate Jund mana with his first ability and go "any target" for his second ability. I also added an extra red common elemental to the set to make his plus more useful.
  • Changed Har-Oha, Ifnir’s Rising Fist by requiring a discard on his plus. Previously Har-Oha's plus was game-breakingly good.
  • Changed Raevel, Eternal Gardener by reworking her "sac everything" ultimate to a "sac one thing" utility ability. I anticipate further tweaks after play testing.
  • Changed Zaina Shreen by upping her cost from 2UR to 3UR. Her abilities are fun and powerful and I hope she's still solid at 5.