Contenders (Planeswalkers) (Version 21)

Author: TimFReilly Date: 2018-12-26 18:23:12 Stage: Development

See the change log on the main set for more details:

Change log will be updated soon. Raw changes:

  • Changed Golmorn, Planar Judge to Golmorn, Planar Judge. Golmorn now puts the full three counters on tapped creatures, which both slows them down and immediately makes them eligible for his minis ability. Golmorn is a little too slow to gain control of the game but I’m committed to working through issues with his design rather than replacing it.
  • Changed Thaegen the Confined to Thaegen the Confined. Thaegen created repetitive gameplay that felt a little too much like a lock. Slowing down the loop retains his plotting flavor while making games feel more fair. I’m very happy with his new power level overall as well as his upgraded win percentage.
  • Changed Ainsleigh of Corru River to Ainsleigh of Corru River. I’m removing the human requirement on her plus and making her other abilities cheaper to encourage players to use her. I really liked the Innistrad flavor of her “humans become spirits, spirits revive humans” plus and emblem, but it proved a little too restrictive given the available creatures in GW. I think there are some design possibilities mixing Humans and Spirits but o haven’t locked in on a specific design yet.
  • Reworked Raevel, Eternal Gardener to Ravelle, Witch of the Wood. Ravelle was completely reworked, including her hard to pronounce name. I’ve decided to remove all “cares about tokens” functionality from the set and scale back the use of tokens in the set as well. My inspiration for this design was Peng Ping, who has an extreme “build around” design that is very appealing to players. Ravelle is a seriously focused graveyard contender that also sets up your deck long-term like the old Innistrad Memory’s Journey/Runic Repetition loop. She also has the raw power of destroying permanents, which will help her close out the game.
  • Changed Har-Oha, Fist of Ifnir to Har-Oha, Fist of Ifnir. Har-Oha’s middle ability was meant to provide a back and forth feeling. In practice it was so confusing that almost nobody ever activated it. The new version is a little more expensive but provides a more reliable payoff. I’ve also increased his base loyalty and the cost of his emblem. He can sometimes get off to a very hot start and his emblem is almost always a game ender. Now he will be a little less penalized for being cast late but he will also have a harder time immediately taking over a game.
  • Changed Volshe Aoron of Voda to Volshe Aoron of Voda. Volshe has been reasonably successful so far, and I’m just fixing his confusing reminder text.
  • Changed Zaina Shreen to Zaina Shreen. Zaina is a ton of fun to “polymorph” with, but the polymorph is just a bit too powerful and was the only thing anyone ever activated. It was also sometimes a self-lock if you were stuck without a your own creature to target. I’m trying her out with swapped abilities. Her new plus is pretty powerful on its own and can work with many of the small base creatures you'll want to polymorph later.