Elder Scrolls Cube

Author: Sphinxwalker-when Current version: Version 10.1 Last change: 2020-02-02 19:24:05 Stage: Finishing Download for desktop

A custom, 8-player cube designed around the Elder Scrolls franchise. Drafted in a pod of 8 and played in two multiplayer pods of 4, this set features mostly existing Magic mechanics, with mostly-cosmetic additions. There are several archetypes, some less fleshed-out than others, but the five main draft archetypes that the set is designed around are as follows. * Jund: Dragon Cult. Features Dragons and their zombie servants. Revolves around the Suspend mechanic. * Grixis: Daedric Realms. Features Demons. Revolves around the Convoke mechanic, as well as the new Daedric supertype. * Esper: Elves and Automatons. Features mages and artifacts. Revolves around a historic-matters theme. * Naya: Imperial Army. Features and revolves around tokens. * Bant: Natural Order. Features animals and primitive species. Revolves around a power-and-toughness-matters theme.

There are many cycles in the cube, distributed among the different rarities. This is the intended pack distribution, with each card appearing exactly once unless specified otherwise. * 1 Mythic Rare * 2 Rares * 4 Uncommons * 8 Commons (11 duplicates of Wastes)

In the Mythic Rares are the 17 Daedric Princes, one for each individual color or color pair, one three-color, and one colorless. They are powerful, game-warping creatures that require sacrifices to cast, but they were weakened or even thwarted by the Uncommon mana rocks, the Towers.

All mechanics present in the cube are standard Magic mechanics, with two exceptions: The Daedric Princes have the Oblivion Lord keyword, used to simplify their maintenance abilities; the Daedric supertype requires a Demon to be revealed or controlled as the spell is cast.

Version 10.1

Date: 2020-02-02 19:24:05

Attempting to make Wastes draftable. Cockatrice package remains unchanged.

Version 10

Date: 2020-02-02 19:01:51

Finishing Touches Update

Replaced single copy of "Wastes" with "Wastes [1-11]" for Cube drafting purposes. Cockatrice package remains unchanged.

= Cleaned Text[ Dwemer Archivist Successful Illusion Windreaper Dragon Dragonbone Hunter Thalmor Politician Malacath, Prince of Outcasts ]

Version 9

Date: 2020-02-01 21:18:41

Unblank Canvas Update

Artist credits for all cards added.

Minor word cleanliness for Towers.

= Rareshifted[ Champion's Adoring Fan (C) > (U) Confrontation at the Eye (C) > (U) Daedra Lord Impact (C) > (U) Daedric Titan Brood (C) > (U) Forsworn Briarheart (C) > (U) Lorkhan's Shift (C) > (U) Necroslave Dragon (C) > (U) Peryite's Purge (C) > (U) Silt Strider (U) > (C) Provoked Spriggan (U) > (C) Orcish Blood Hero (U) > (C) Mammoth Feller (U) > (C) Dragonrend (U) > (C) Blasphemous Huntwife (U) > (C) Archaic Hagraven (U) > (C) Ambushing Daedroth (U) > (C) ]

Version 8

Date: 2020-01-27 00:36:00

Spring Cleaning Update

  • Created new border style for Daedric supertype cards.
  • Created new boarder style for Towers
  • Created new keyword to (theoretically) simplify the Daedric Princes' abilities
  • Updated internal card styles, comprising most Cosmetic (Minor) changes
  • Included reminder text on more cards
  • Updated some text to be cleaner/more in line with MtG standards

= Errata'd[ Aetherium Forge (C) Ageless Necromancer (C) Dawnguard Hunters (C) Dragonbone Hunter (C) Dragonborn Cultist (C) Dreaugh Sentry (C) Dwarven Ballista (C) Dwemer Spider Worker (C) Heroic Khajiit / Elsewyri Werelion (C) Khajiit Bandit (C) Khajiit Trade Caravan (C) Knight of Order (C) Necroslave Dragon (C) Orcish General (C) Pestering Mudcrab (C) Pilgrim Orc / Cavern Wereboar (C) Prideful Dragon (C) Skaal Warrior (C) Windreaper Dragon (C) Azura, Prince of Vanity (M) Boethia, Prince of Plots (M) Clavicus Vile, Prince of Wishes (M) Hermeaus Mora, Prince of Fate (M) Hircine, Prince of the Hunt (M) Jyggalag, Prince of Order (M) Malacath, Prince of Outcasts (M) Mehrunes Dagon, Prince of Scourges (M) Mephala, Prince of Secrets (M) Meridia, Prince of Life (M) Molag Bal, Prince of Domination (M) Namira, Prince of Decay (M) Nocturnal, Prince of Luck (M) Peryite, Prince of Pestilence (M) Sanguine, Prince of Revels (M) Sheogorath, Prince of Madness (M) Vaermina, Prince of Nightmares (M) Gray Cowl of Nocturnal (R) Paarthurnax, the Greybeard (R) Savior's Hide (R) Dwemer Archivist (U) Stunted Scamp (U) Triumphant Histwalker (U) ] = Cosmetic (Major)[ Aggressive Land Dreugh (C) Begin the Greymarch (C) Chaurus Matron (C) Coldharbour Banekin (C) Daedric Counsel (C) Defaulted Contract (C) Curse of the Moon (C) Dragonmage of Aetherius (C) Dwarven Repurposing (C) Emperor of Tamriel / Imperial City (C) Marsh Shaman / Aware Werecrocodile (C) Remains of the Mysterium Xarxes (C) Sigil Stone (C) Slaughterfish (C) Souless Roar (C) Spectral Hound (C) Stormcloak Rebel (C) Thundering Wamasu (C) Werebear Victim / Solitary Werebear (C) Elder Scroll (M) Dagoth-Ur, the Sharmat (R) Dawnbreaker (R) Martin, Last Septim Emperor (R) Oblivion Gate (R) Waking Dreams (R) Amulet of Kings (T) Ancient Dragonborn (T) Curse of Treason (T) Demon (T) Demon (T) Dragon (T) Elder Scroll (T) Heart of Lorkhan (T) Human Soldier (T) Human Soldier (T) Insect (T) Lightless Remnant (T) Mantella (T) Perchance Acorn (T) Sacked Guardian (T) Spectral Hound (T) Spirit (T) Sunken Sword (T) The Convention (T) Time Wound (T) Visage of Akatosh (T) Zombie (T) Aldmeri Dominion (U) Crystal Tower (U) Daggerfall Covenant (U) Daedric Siege Engine (U)
Devout of the Reclamations (U) Direnni Tower (U) Doomcrag (U) Dragon Cult Burial (U) Ebonheart Pact (U) Elden Tree (U) Folly of Kagrenac (U) High Elf Battlemage (U) Lesser Dragon Priest (U) Mammoth Feller (U) Moon Priest (U) Nerevar's Shield Companion (U) Numidium (U) Orichalc Tower (U) Red Mountain (U) Resurging Tactician (U) Rotting Citadel (U) Silt Strider (U) Storm Atronach (U) Throat of the World (U) Venombone Dragon (U) ] = Cosmetic (Minor)[ City of Dagoth-Ur (C) 17 Fruits of Oblivion (C) Horn of Jurgen Windcaller (C) Shrine of Dagon (C) Shrine of Hermaus Mora (C) Shrine of Hircine (C) Shrine of Meridia (C) Shrine of Nocturnal (C) Alduin, the World-Eater (M) Mannimarco, King of Worms (M) Miraak, the First Dragonborn (M) The Champion of Cyrodiil (M) The Last Dragonborn (M) The Nerevarine (M) At the Summit of Apocrypha (R) Azura's Star (R) Battle for Kvatch (R) Blackreach (R) Blessings of Akatosh (R) Blessings of Arkay (R) Blessings of Dibella (R) Blessings of Julianos (R) Blessings of Kynareth (R) Blessings of Mara (R) Blessings of Stendarr (R) Blessings of Talos (R) Blessings of Zenithar (R) Citadels of the Sixth House (R) Cyrodiil, Seat of the Empire (R) Deadlands, Realm of Dagon (R) Ebony Blade (R) Goldbrand (R) Mace of Molag Bal (R) Masque of Clavicus Vile (R) Mehrune's Razor (R) Morrowind, Dwemeri Homeland (R) Nahkriin, Fury-Slayer (R) Odahviing, Snow Hunter (R) Oghma Infinium (R) Ring of Namira (R) Sahrotaar, Phantom Servant (R) Sanguine Rose (R) Skull of Corruption (R) Skyrim, the Old Kingdom (R) Sotha Sil, Clockwork God (R) Sovngarde, Alduin's Feast (R) Spellbreaker (R) Sword of Jyggalag (R) Vivec, Guardian God-King (R) Volendrung (R) Wabbajack (R) Way of the Voice (R) World-Eater's Eyrie (R) Bull Netch (U) Frost Troll (U) Lesser Dragon Priest (U) Sotha Sil, the Clockwork City (U) Spriggan Matron (U) Tools of Kagrenac (U) Vampire Lord (U) Word Wall (U) ]

Version 7

Date: 2019-10-13 00:20:41