Hollows of Lordran (Version 47)

Author: xeuorux Date: 2017-09-09 03:19:03 Stage: Finishing

Changes to blue to make their card advantage at common better suited to the needs of the set (instant speed raw for UG flash, less recurson)

Change log: * Added Darkmoon Bow. * Added Fortress Gate. * Added Phantasmal Wizard. * Added Soul Witch. * Removed Darkmoon Blade. * Removed Moonlight Greatsword. * Removed Soul Sorcerer. * Removed Vinheim Professor. * Changed Absorbed In Thought. * Changed Darkroot Explorer. * Changed Gift of the Darkmoon. * Changed Magic Weapon. * Changed Revisit. * Changed Scholar’s Catalyst. * Changed Spellguard Knight. * Changed Capra Demon. * Changed Intent to Kill. * Changed Darkroot Feline. * Changed Trusty Patches. * Changed Vinheim Assassin.