Hollows of Lordran (Version 75)

Author: xeuorux Date: 2018-03-30 03:14:30 Stage: Finishing Download for desktop

Reworked Elite Captain -> Velka's Zealot because it didn't play interestingly at all. Reworked Dusk for similar reasons, then changed Spellguard Knight to differentiate more from new Dusk. Reworked Nito since I didn't like that his buildaround condition was something the set actively was bad at. Replaced 5 uncommon Journey designs that no one cared about with new non-set-mechanic designs, 4/5 with the same basic flavor. Swapped some flavor around in white common/uncommon knights to add a little more variety. Modified some of reds common creatures to increase red's basic power level and differentiate the common vanillas more. Other small tweaks for limited or constructed, or art refinement purposes. Continued the process of replacing username artist credits with real name artist credits. Finally correctly installed more MSE fonts such that my artist credits render properly.

Change log: * Added Astora Outcast. * Added Seasoned Paladin. * Added Seeker of the Cure. * Added Velka’s Zealot. * Added Banish to the Painting. * Added Shining Fervor. * Added Blight Hatching. * Added Dusk, Princess of Oolacile. * Removed Elite Captain. * Removed Seasoned Adventurer. * Removed Thorolund Paladin. * Removed Velka’s Knight. * Removed Banished to the Painting. * Removed Warmth of the Fire. * Removed Spreading Blight. * Removed Dusk, Oolacile’s Lost Princess. * Changed Balder Knight. * Changed Face the Impossible. * Changed Jolly Cooperation. * Changed Last Hope. * Changed Priest of Velka. * Changed Essence Scatter. * Changed Gwyndolin’s Rebuke. * Changed Knight of Parting Mists. * Changed Spellguard Knight. * Changed Journey’s End. * Changed King of the Abyss. * Changed Nito, the Gravelord. * Changed Offering of Humanity. * Changed Capra Demon. * Changed Chaos Pyromancer. * Changed Daughter of Chaos. * Changed Demonic Fury. * Changed Dragon-Path Warrior. * Changed Ecstatic Prayer. * Changed Hollowed Pyromancer. * Changed Taurus Demon. * Changed Adventurer’s Rest. * Changed Brilliant Sun Phantom. * Changed Into Seath’s Domain. * Changed Seath, Scaleless Betrayer. * Changed Crystal Lizard. * Changed Lava Roots.