Legacy of the Kami War

Author: monobluegruul Current version: Version 5 Last change: 2017-07-21 06:11:47 Stage: Development Download for desktop

This is a land/graveyard based Kamigawa set. The main thread for development is here.

The set contains five returning mechanics: Bushido, Spiritcraft, Ninjutsu, Landfall and Retrace. In terms of land, White cares about having fewer lands than an opponent (minor theme), blue returns lands to hand for effects, black loves retrace, red cares about getting lands into the graveyard, and green wants to amass land cards. White has also has a notable life gain theme. Other minor themes include Auras, Demon/Ogres, and graveyard recursion. Later iterations will probably cut down on the minor themes.

One goal of the set is to have a large number of reprints to attempt to try to see if the two-set block model could have been able to have more reprints. Another is to enable brewing with old Kamigawa cards.

All art is placeholder. Flavor text was written before finding art. If the flavor text wasn't changed to match the art, it means the art is really placeholder. I didn't realize I wasn't supposed to reuse art for reprints, so I removed the art (with no replacements). The download link has the art, but provides an zip of cards without the art for user preference.

All files are here.

Version 5

Date: 2017-07-21 06:11:47

Change log: Minor changes overall; while on the complex side, I like where the set is currently at for the moment.

Version 4

Date: 2017-07-15 15:01:19

Change log:

Version 2

Date: 2017-07-08 18:15:23

Change log:

Version 1edited

Date: 2017-07-05 02:52:05

This update didn't change any cards. It just removed reprinted art.

Version 1

Date: 2017-07-04 13:05:41

This is the first version of Legacy of the Kami War published on PlaneSculptors.net.