STAR WARS: the Gathering

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This is the main set of STAR WARS: the Gathering!

SWTG is inspired by STAR WARS, and focuses primarily on the events and characters of Episodes I - VI, with material from the Extended Universe (EU). The set has hundreds of hours of playtesting and balancing.

SWTG is playable online and printable professionally (300dpi) or at home.

Expansions to this set, downloads, updates, and printing can be found at:

Our subreddit is /r/swtg

SWTG was designed by /u/WhinyTortoise and developed by /u/SoulofZendikar.

Release Edition

Date: 2019-05-01 00:50:48

STAR WARS: the Gathering, Release Edition. This is my first time publishing on, so possible grammar or aesthetic changes may occur.