Importing sets into PlaneSculptors

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This tutorial assumes you created your custom set using Magic Set Editor 2.

  1. Export card data file for WebDrafter
    1. Download PlaneSculptors export template for MSE.
    2. Extract the archive into the "data" directory in the location where MSE2 is installed. Restart MSE, if it was running.
    3. In MSE, go to "File"->"Export"->"HTML". Click OK and choose an export location. IMAGE
  1. Export card images
    1. In MSE, go to "File"->"Export"->"All card images".
    2. If you want, you can change the file extension to .png for improved image quality (but bigger image files).
    3. Click OK and choose a directory where the files will be exported.
  2. Import the set into PlaneSculptors
    1. Go the the main page of PlaneSculptors.
    2. Click "login". You will be redirected to a Google page. If you are not yet logged into Google, log in. Then authorize PlaneSculptors. You will be redirected back to the application, the the main page of the member area.
    3. Click Create set.
    4. Fill in set name (the name must be unique across all registered sets) and set code (that doesn't have to be unique).
    5. Your set was created. Now go to "Upload card file" tab.
    6. Depending on your card image format, choose appropriate option in "Art file name format".
    7. Add the set files and all the image files to the uploader. You can either click it and select all the files in the popup window or you can drag and drop them into the uploader area. I prefer to export the set file into the same directory as all the images, so that I can just click the uploader, navigate to the directory where all the files are and hit "Ctrl+A" to select all the files.
    8. Click "Proceed". The importer will now check if there are any errors in the import file and then will redirect you to the next stage.
    9. If you have created a Cockatrice package, upload it to some place on the internet and put the link into "Download URL".
    10. Click "Submit". You will be directed back to the set management page.
    11. Your set now has cards. If you want the set to be playable, go to "Development stage" tab and select an appropriate option.
    12. You can also make a beautiful home page for your set on the "Set details" tab.
    13. If you want the set to become publicly listed on the website, click "Make public". Make sure that the set reflects well on you and the custom magic community as a whole. Please don't make effortless dreck public. You can still host events with your private sets.
    14. You can now host events with your set!