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Welcome to Wiki

This wiki should be a community-managed companion to the main website. What I imagine could go here:

  • Additional information about custom sets (that doesn't fit on that set's PlaneSculptors page - for example detailed storylines, extended archetype studies etc.)
  • Custom constructed information (event and format information, tournament results with decklists, rulings, ban lists etc.)
  • Mechanics repository
  • Guides, skeletons etc. (and a repository of links to external resources)
  • Whatever else that comes to your mind, as long it has some relation to custom magic

The wiki software a basic MediaWiki with some PlaneSculptors/MTG related extensions and is not by any means final yet. If you have any ideas for improvement of the software, feel free to ask me. If there are any features on other wikis you would like to have here, again, ask - I will try to set up the appropriate extension.

I would prefer to have fairly hands off relationship with the wiki - it should be almost entirely community managed. I hope that during the initial stage, a few responsible contributors will emerge that will be made admins to guide the wiki as it goes into the future. I would especially appreciate if there was someone who has experience managing a wiki.

Once there is some content on the wiki, feel free to replace this page with a proper main page portal. I will then start linkink to the wiki from PlaneSculptors itself.

Thank you for your contributions!

- @mzabsky

Existing pages

Content formatting

Content on this wiki is formatted using the usual MediaWiki markup. Additionally, there are following extensions:

Magic symbols: {W} {UW} {PW} → (for full list of supported symbols see the tutorial on the main website)

Font Awesome symbols {fa-random} →

Card links: {[rise-and-fall:Bound No More]} → Bound No More - Note that set has to be specified. You can (and should, if you want the page to stay as it is), also specify a set version via {[rise-and-fall:version-1:Bound No More]}

Inline card images are analogous: !{[aenyr:Madcap Laughter]} →