Barten's Journal

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Barten's Journal is a set composed of five minisets, each taking place on separate planes. These planes are the homes of Barten and his old planeswalking friends, who one by one had gone missing. As Rahit reads through the pages of the journal left for him, and him alone, he'll follow the increasingly paranoid investigation by Barten into their disappearances, in the hopes of finding out where his friend has gone.

Each miniset is composed of thirty cards, split between three colours. One primary, and two secondary. They are not only wedges, or shards, but a mixture of both. And each has three mechanics. A returning mechanic and a new mechanic. And of those two, one is some form of cost reducer, while the other synergizes with it. Either directly, or through promoting similar gameplay. And to round them off, and bind the minisets together, each one also features the return of Investigate. Because apparently we're all addicted to Investigate on MSE.

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