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A custom MTG set by Reuben Covington

Dreamscape is a custom magic set about making the game feel alien and unknown again, playing against your expectations and showing new areas magic could explore.

The set is being developed primarily for limited, though it follows the guidelines and conventions of modern official sets. Dreamscape is a standalone large set with 255 cards total 101 commons, 80 uncommons, 54 rares, 15 mythics and 5 basic lands.

You can find the MSE set file with extra card comments here: Dreamscape MSE File download

See the slightly outdated MTGsalvation Set Page

You can find me and the Dreamscape discussion channel on the Custommagic Discord server.


Frustrated with Ravnica. Ral Zarek has left, searching for something greater to allow him to express his genius freely and without limits. On his planar travels he finds himself on Noctus, a remote seemingly peaceful plane with a tang of strange magic in the air. After meeting a small child named Aisha in his dreams he discovers a secret worthy of his study. The hidden realm of the Dreamscape. A powerful space sealed beneath the passive dreaming of the plane's inhabitants. In his recklessness Ral Zarek unseals the Dreamscape, turning the dreaming potentially fatal and your nightmares far too real. Heedless of the chaos he is unleashing Ral Zarek only wishes to master this realm of pure dreaming. Becoming a Dream Artist able to express him creativity unbound by reality and its limitations.

Meanwhile Evis, former leader of the Daumas Order and recently ignited planeswalker has returned from her travels only to find Noctus roiling with chaos as soulless dreamers roam and some Mori play mischief with reality. Now she has taken back control of the Daumas Order and is desperately trying to understand and contain the dreamscape and its influence. However increasingly her once peaceful way is becoming increasingly rigid and authoritarian as the Daumas ready for war.

Yemma, the greatest huntress in the multiverse was on Noctus hunting near the Sunbloom Haven when the Dreamscape erupted. Releasing huge Mori, creatures made of dreamstuff that represented the ideas or emotions. Striding through the forest she saw beasts and predators she had only ever dreamed of. A challenge that would test Yemma and her wolf companion Zola to their limits.

And as the world of Noctus is changed forever a cult that worships the King of Nightmares, Ikelious grows ever more powerful. Hinting that releasing our greatest dreams unfortunately comes at the cost of our greatest nightmares.


Dreamwalk (This creature can't be blocked by untapped creatures. Tapped creatures can block it.)

Flashback (You may cast this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

Premonition N— (Rather than cast this card from your hand, you may pay and put this card into your library face up just beneath the top N cards. As it reaches the top, cast it without paying its mana cost.)

Trance — [EFFECT] for each tapped creature you control.

Limited Archetypes

Archetype Name Description
Dreamwalk Tempo Play a number of cheap dreamwalk creatures, tap and untap effects and other tempo creatures to break through board stalls and defensive decks. Can also take advantage of some of the trance cards to reward you for the early aggro.
Key Cards: Jorallen Dualminds, Dreamscape Entwiner, Dreamglider Mori, Lost in the Moment
Mill Control Control the game early with your high toughness creatures and removal, then mill your opponent to disrupt their premonition cards, activate your build around cards and finishers.
Key Cards: Mindsnatcher, Memory Wisp, Serpent of Aisha, Loss of Clarity
Token Aggro Overwhelm your opponent's defensive with a large number of small tokens backed up with removal and team pump spells.
Key Cards: Herald of Ikelious, Penumbra Summoner, Echoes of the Unimaginables, Cruel Worship
Elemental Tribal A solid midrange deck full of efficient creatures. Many of its good common cards happen to be elementals which can make use of certain uncommons for a minor tribal gain.
Key Cards: Primordial Wanderer, Noctani Rememberist, Midnight Howling, Memories of the Earth
+1/+1 Counters Matter Take advantage of multiple +1/+1 counter synergies while building up a powerful array of creatures. Either crushing on the ground or stacking counters on evasive threats.
Key Cards: Jemmara’s Disciple, Sunbloom Chorus, Emissary of Light, Shared Experience
Lifegain Control Stabalize the game with lifegain and removal, taking advantage of the powerful "3 life gained or more" synergies to overpower the opponent in the late game.
Key Cards: Moonlight Guide, Reev’s Devotee, Purified Visionary, Protect the Dreamer
Premonition Combo/Control Take maximum advantage of premonition cards by slowing down the game with early blockers, drawing extra cards or milling yourself. This allows you to have incredibly explosive turns and have powerful late game potential.
Key Cards: Manic Researcher, Augury Storm, Jorallen Visionary, Subconscious Recall
Death Matters Midrange/Control Grind out the match by using every death to improve your position in the game. Clog up the ground with larger ground creatures and efficient removal, then slowly build up your advantage as the game goes on.
Key Cards: Broken Cycle, Soulgrasp Priestess, Dreamweaver, Dread Amalgamation
Prowess Aggro Play an aggressive combo archetype, using powerful prowess creatures combined with cheap noncreature spells and tokens to overrun opponents early or break through defenses in a savage combo.
Key Cards: Manic Researcher, Aven Harrier, Altor Prodigy, Seeker of Wonders
Flackback Self-Mill Mill your own library to get card advantage via flashback cards, grow your lategame finishers and use powerful engine cards to finish the game.
Key Cards: Wild Flourishing, Gardener of Wisdom, Think Twice, Memory Guide


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Version 1.94

  • Set nearly complete, only 2 more rares to complete
  • Done lots of additional playtesting
  • Added additional dreamwalk creatures at common
  • Increased power of dreamwalkers at common
  • Removed Travel Preparations
  • Added Shared Experience
  • Changed Shrouded Rider to be more agressive
  • Increased power of red removal
  • Modified mana curves at common
  • Nurturing Mori is now a defensive card
  • Dozens of minor spelling, name and grammat fixes
  • Added lots of new flavor text