Edremon: Welcome to Battlepunk

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Basically Battlebond + Steampunk

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This is the first version of Edremon: Welcome to Battlepunk published on PlaneSculptors.net. Hello everyone, I'm not good at writing long passages, so I'll get through this quickly. I asked around on some themes that aren't being used in Magic the Gathering and someone suggested Steampunk. I had seen someone else do a Battlebond theme project and it really piqued my interest. Thus, Battlepunk was born. The current mechanics I have for the set are,

Smog artifact tokens which have

At the beginning of your upkeep, you lose 1 life. 2, T: Destroy Smog.

Overheat N (Whenever you cast a spell, put an overheat counter on this artifact. When the Nth is placed sacrifice it.) I like this mechanic since it fits with Steampunk while allowing me to make broken ideas balanced.

Assist Assist is a returning mechanic from the original Battlebond

Symmetry Symmetry AlternateCost (If you cast this spell for its symmetry cost, another target player creates a token that's a copy of it as it enters the battlefield.)

This is a fun mechanic when I tested it and the GW archetype is built around it though it will be seen in 5c.


Ok for this one, I added a bit of a twist to make it more Team friendly. I knew I wanted vehicles for a Steampunk set since they are a key factor in the books I read for researching this.

Team Crew N (Players on your team may tap creatures they control with total power N or greater. This artifact becomes an artifact creature until end of turn.)

I really like this version of Crew since it combines both the steampunk and Battlebond aspects of the set.

Progress counters. I liked the idea of leveling ever since I saw that one extra turns card (https://edhrec.com/cards/lighthouse-chronologist)

Since my Steampunk world is in its first years I thought something like this might be interesting, to show the "progress" of your team.

The final version turned out like this. Though it seems like a memory issue, it is not extremely hard since it it right in front of you. With overheat and progress counters, Counter Manipulation might be seen in this set.


Bulwark-If creatures your team controls have total toughness N or greater, EFFECT A Toughness version of Ferocious (https://scryfall.com/card/ktk/149/see-the-unwritten)

The archetypes

UB is Tempo RG is Aggro WB is Toughness (Bulwark) WB is Nobel Tribal UR is Artificer Tribal GB is Tokens WG is Symmetry UG is Draw 2 (like Izzet in Eldraine) RW is Vehicles RB is Artifact Aggro/Sacrifice Thoughts?