Elmare: Into the Abyss

Author: FearGralex Current version: Version 15 Last change: 2021-10-10 00:30:47 Stage: Finished

Elmare is a plane that is entirely underwater. A once-peaceful kingdom of fish and Merfolk is besieged from above by terrifying divers from the mysterious "surface" world, as well as horrifying monsters rising up from the bottomless Cuxuri trench. Mechanics:

Concord: A pseudo-mechanic that's active as long as you control four or more different types of permanents. Appears in Bant colors. Represents the Coralight merfolk. Mechanic by CanterburyEgg.

Pressure: You may cast a spell with Pressure for an alternate cost if you have seven or more cards in your graveyard. Represents the horrifying monsters that lurk deep down in Cuxuri trench. Appears in Sultai colors.

Salvage: An action keyword performed by a creature. When a creature salvages a card, you exile it from your graveyard. Then, whenever that creature hits a player or planeswalker in combat, you can grab one of the cards it's salvaged. Represents the mysterious divers who've arrived from above to excavate the seafloor. Appears in black and red.

Slipstream: We're underwater, so no creatures in the set have flying. Instead, we've got an evasion mechanic called Slipstream. Creatures with slipstream can't be blocked as long as only creatures with slipstream are attacking. Appears in every color except green.

Aurashapers: A marker creature type that signifies that the creature creates an Aura token when it enters the battlefield. Appears in green and white. Mechanic by Timespiraled.

Cycling: You know what this does. Appears in all colors, but concentrated in red and green.

Treasure tokens: It's the bottom of the sea, so you KNOW there's gonna be buried treasure! There's a lot of ways in this set to make Treasures, and plenty of ways to utilize them too.

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