Lorado (Version 13)

Author: shadowcentaur Date: 2017-02-27 15:26:37 Stage: Finished Download for desktop

Change log:

Pulled Straight cards out of white to focus Straight in UBR Reduced the too-high concentration of vigilance in green Removed Vigilance from Mountainclaw Bear and Stunshot Centaur Reduced too-high concentration of recursion effects Removed Redeemed Cardshark Shifted Dead Man's Hand from BW to mono-B Replaced Back with a Vengeance with Bad Blood Buffed Embodiment of Innovation Various flavortext changes that do better worldbuilding or better explain the intent of a card. Various typo fixes and templating fixes. Changed Lumberwood Hodag to a graveyard support card to not overlap with the common Ironhoof Ox Nerfed Reach for the Sky to a bigger Aim High Nerfed Naaki Shepherd to 4W Bumped up Paragon Dragonslayer Changed Deal at the Crossroads to max out at 1 token per turn. Buffed Briar Rabbit to 3/2 Reworked Dead Aim to an Unlicensed Disintegration variant Changed Rallyridge Protector to be more blue Nerfed Team Hunt to 1GR Nerfed Arcane Daguerreotype to require mana payment Removed broken combination of keywords on Runevolley replacing Deathtouch with Prowess Gave up on old land cycle due to templating confusion issues. New duals are painlands with no colorless option but gain 1 life on ETB