Lorado (Version 23)

Author: shadowcentaur Date: 2018-04-12 21:38:44 Stage: Finished Download for desktop

Lorado HD Remix

This version of Lorado fixes a number of small bugs and glitches discovered over the last few months, particularly by the Custom Standard players on the discord channel.

Change log:

Mechanical Changes: * Changed Empty Night. Reflex cost changed to 4WWW * Changed Roselyn’s Viola. Now can only be used once, sacrifices itself * Changed Settle. Now only grabs lands tapped * Changed Expedition Corps. Now costs 5 mana * Changed Cyclone Boar. Now deals 3 damage ot all fliers

Templating Changes:

Templating: adding mana now just says "T: add M" as per Dominaria changes * Changed Rain Dancer. * Changed Campfire. * Changed Steel Stallion. * Changed Boom Town. * Changed Carnivorous Bog. * Changed Farmyard. * Changed Fenced Pasture. * Changed Frontier Mission. * Changed Hangman’s Rock. * Changed Hoodoo Valley. * Changed Lumber Mill. * Changed Lush Mesa. * Changed Madame Tawney’s Saloon. * Changed Moxenite Mine. * Changed Poisoned Waterhole. * Changed Waterworn Gully. * Changed Motherlode.

Templating: Planeswalkers have the legendary supertype as per Ixilan changes * Changed Farajo, Peacemaker. * Changed Roselyn, Song of Madness. * Changed Gaile Hannidy.

Templating: Damage now uses "any target" as pwer Dominaria changes * Changed Bloodshot Desperada. * Changed Goblin Sharpshooter. * Changed Guns Blazing. * Changed Incendiary Round. * Changed Quickdraw. * Changed Run and Gun. * Changed Thunderbolt Revolver. * Changed Tomahawk.

Templating: Other changes * Changed Bulletproof Barrier. Changed to hexproof wording * Changed Firstfeather Stormwing. Changed to "you may" * Changed Train Robbery. Changed to "any type" rather than "any color" * Changed Lightning Reload. Now can only target your equipment * Changed Titan of Industry. Now can only target your artifacts.

Flavortext Changes: * Changed Arrest. * Changed Naaki Healer. * Changed Nimbus Hog. * Changed Paragon Dragonslayer. * Changed Rallyridge Quartermaster. * Changed Roaming Buffalo. * Changed Sheriff’s Steed. * Changed Smoke the Peace Pipe. * Changed Claim Jumper. * Changed Hasty Retreat. * Changed Hyastee Sphinx. * Changed Shellback Deputy. * Changed Titan of Cyclones. * Changed Coat with Venom. * Changed Dadgum Varmints. * Changed Devouring Wendigo. * Changed Scavenging Vulture. * Changed Trail Sickness. * Changed Goblin Express. * Changed Greenskin Geologist. * Changed Maddening Song. * Changed Mine Collapse. * Changed Two Smoking Barrels. * Changed Dire Jackalope. * Changed Elusive Sasquatch. * Changed Final Showdown. * Changed Man Versus Machine. * Changed Partnership. * Changed Reach for the Sky. * Changed Village Raid. * Changed Wildshape Mastery. * Changed Appleseed Ghoul. * Changed Stickup. * Changed Freight Train. * Changed Mug of Beer. * Changed Volatile Ewe.