Author: SonictheBrushwagg Current version: Version 3: Ethercaste Knight Last change: 2021-02-07 20:03:39 Stage: Finished Download for desktop

Maelstrom Masters is a curated expansion featuring canon cards set in the plane of Alara, offering a fresh twist on ALR Limited.

The recommended draft format is ALR/MMM/ALR, but feel free to experiment! Sealed is generally best with 3x ALR and 3x MMM.

Version 3: Ethercaste Knight

Date: 2021-02-07 20:03:39

Fixed triland images.

Version 2: Aven Mimeomancer

Date: 2021-02-07 09:44:37

Change log:

Version 1: Ardent Plea

Date: 2020-12-20 03:30:56

This is the first version of MAELSTROM MASTERS published on