Tales of Cahdaria

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The first set of a three set custom block. This block was designed based on the Alara block as well as Khans block. The set story takes place in a realm named Cahdaria. Surrounding this plane is a mystical storm of pure aether that seals it off from the rest of the multiverse. Upon the plane is a Monolith that channels its power from the storm. Leaders of the five tribes of the plane venture to this monolith, seeming to have been called there. Through the power of this monolith, their sparks are awoken. This causes a ripple within the storm itself and opens up rifts and portals for these newly awoken Planeswalkers to venture into the multiverse. These rifts and portals also allows for other beings, that can travel through the multiverse, to invade this plane. Balador, a planeswalker who values the protection and sanctity of the realm chooses to stay and defend the world. Syan, a single minded leader chooses to use the power of the storm to her advantage and seeks to rule the world through it's power. Veknus is the most drawn towards the storm and the power that lays within and beyond. Tasos uses the portals into the storm as a way to entrap his enemies and feed off of their power for his own gain.

The inhabitants of the realm share a connection with their world and are affected by it and the storm of pure aether that surrounds it. The land has a life of it's own, the elementals that tread the world represent this aspect. The storm has affected living beings in different ways, some have been driven to madness by it. Others have tapped into their most primal nature and have given into them. Others have been able to traverse the rifts opened by the storm.

The story of the first set follows the five planeswalkers as they realize the potential of the rest of the multiverse. Some fear this potential and see it as a threat, and others embrace it. Some some seek to keep their plane unknown to others, and others look to the storm as a way to leave the plane or bring outsiders in.

The codename for this set is 'Television'.

©2021 – Designed By Kevin Deninger

Clans: Lundal: WUB - — Races: Spirits, Humans, Sphinx Vroxdar; UBR — Races: Devils, Humans, Demons Belvak; BRG — Races: Beasts, Goblins, Dragons Enasia; RGW — Races: Humans, Elementals, Giants Fairhad; GWU — Races: Elves, Humans, Angels

Keywords: WUB: Omen {cost} (Rather than cast this card from your hand, you may pay {cost} and exile it. At the beginning of your next upkeep, cast it without paying its mana cost.) UBR: Madness (If you discard this card, discard it into exile. When you do, cast it for its madness cost or put it into your graveyard.) BRG: Bloodthirst [n] (If an opponent was dealt damage this turn, this creature enters the battlefield with [n] +1/+1 counter/s on it.) RGW: Titanic — Whenever [this creature] attacks, if you control the creature with the greatest power or tied for the greatest power, GUW: Initiative — Whenever you cast a spell during an opponent’s turn, [effect or ability]

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