The Unraveling

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un·rav·el (verb) 1. undo (twisted, knitted, or woven threads). 2. investigate and solve or explain (something complicated or puzzling). 3. begin to fail or collapse.

The Unraveling was built bottom-up from a set of goals and parameters. It strives to provide a limited format with near-infinite replay value, where every pick feels impactful and every deck feels unique. With a focus on fun and strategic gameplay, keyword mechanics Flashback, Puzzlebox and Investigate all serve to mitigate the games where a deck simply fails to function, and promote decision-making late into the game. Archetypes are freeform and each common or uncommon is part of a web of synergies, rewarding innovative drafting and deckbuilding.

The Unraveling also aims to provide cards for constructed players that promote deck diversity and opportunities for unique brews to surface. Cards are not intended to slot into obvious decks, nor to upgrade format staples. Designs aim to provoke the minds of brewers, puzzles that bring about new and different lists without hindering the breadth of other decks in the format.

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