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Do the Impossible

Xerex is a world of twisted geometries and physics, where endless archives climb forever towards the summit of the plane’s knowledge, and secret vaults lay buried within the pit of its fears. Thieves, cults, and more all seek the forbidden powers in the outer limits of Xerex, fighting past ancient servitors and guards of hoards to attain them. Will you keep locked away what has been forbidden, or wield it for yourself?

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Most very placeholder and under construction.

Colors Archetype
Surveil Control
Forbidden Control
Tempo Aggro
Removal Midrange
Forbidden Midrange
Unearth Midrange
Unearth Aggro
Go-Wide Menagerie
Forbidden Ramp

In addition, we have shard-based factions with their own sub-themes.

Colors Faction Archetype
Hall of Mysteries Menagerie
Paradoxy Patternists Surveil
Infinite Consortium Saboteurs
Morixend Reckoning Collateral Damage
Curada Sentinels Unearth


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