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Hello there! Back in 2017, I made this account under the TheEternalCardsmith name, but I more commonly go by Arceus8523 or Sorcerers of the Shore! I am a custom set designer with origins in the MTG Cardsmith community. Made public are all my sets that have reached at least a first all-rarities draft (containing the full set of commons, uncommons, rares, and mythics).

Set name Number of cards Number of events
Kaladesh 2.02521
Core EM2500
Blackened Skies2544
Conspiracy: Rise of the Council2320
Endgame Unleashed2492
Core EM 22612
Set Sprint 1: Birth of Naktamun2490
Amplalo, Realm of the Colossi2651
Set Sprit 2: Lausara Under Siege2655
Set Sprint 3: Rails of Scarkin2542
Strata Games Core 20222494
Eleventh Edition2493
Set Sprint 4: Fraismir2492
Mystvale Commander3474