Ashes of Lothric

Author: Solaire Current version: Version 8 (v5.2) Last change: 2018-07-31 06:48:55 Stage: Design Download for desktop

In the kingdom of Lothric, the cycle of fire and dark continued, until the Lords of Cinder abandoned their collective duties to link the First Flame. Now, the task of defeating the Lords and returning them to their thrones falls to the "Unkindled," those risen from the ashes of Undead who failed to link the Flame themselves. An Unkindled's true power is their ability to harness the strength of fire, claimed from feats of virtue or battle. Yet, the Unkindled yearn for true warmth.

And so that it is, that ash seeketh embers.

Ashes of Lothric is the second set of the two Dark Souls sets being created by myself and Xeu on the Discord server. Like Hollows of Lordran, Ashes of Lothric is a large set which explores the world of Dark Souls (3).


Kindle e.g: Ashen Deftblade Replacing Hollow from the first set, Kindle is an activated ability that goes on creatures that can be activated while that creature card is in your graveyard. "Kindle [Cost] ([Cost], Exile this card from your graveyard igniting target creature. Kindle only as a sorcery.))". Is most prominent in Red, White, and Black, with a handful of kindle cards in blue and green.

Journey e.g: Weigh Options "Exile the top card of your library face up. Whenever a creature you control deals combat damage to an opponent, put a journeyed card you own into your hand." Found mostly on noncreature cards. Primary in blue, green, and red, but also on a few cards in black and white at uncommon. The blue/green archetype cares about Journeying.

Desperation e.g: Disgraced Emissary "Whenever this creature attacks, it may despair. If it does, sacrifice it at the beginning of the next end step." & "When [this creature] despairs, [do something]." Found a little bit in all colors, but often in red and blue where there is a Desperation synergy archetype.

Colored Artifacts and Equipment e.g: Paired Greatsword There are 5 colored equipment at common and uncommon (and soon rare). They are colored mainly for flavor purposes and to allow them to be stronger.

Color Combos Archetype
W/U Tempo
W/R Equipment
W/G Tokens
U/B Selfmill
U/R Desperation Value
U/G Journey
B/R Kindle
B/G Recursion
R/G Aggro-Midrange
Color Combos Flavor Association
W/U Blue Sentinels, Way of Blue, Painted World
W/B Aldritch Faithful, Undead
W/R Faraam Knights, Warriors of Sunlight
W/G Farron Watchdogs, Abyss Watchers
U/B Sable Church, Yoel, Yuria
U/R Profane Capital, Pontiff Knights
U/G Millwood Knights, Painted World
B/R Moundmakers, Invaders
B/G Rosaria's Fingers
R/G Spears of the Church

Version 8 (v5.1)

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This is the first version of Ashes of Lothric with commons and tokens.