Lorado (Version 15)

Author: shadowcentaur Date: 2017-03-08 03:11:56 Stage: Finished Download for desktop

Change log:

Numerous art swaps and brightening modifications to improve print quality on inkjet printers. Some involed re-arting and re-naming cards.

Outlaw Hideout->Hangman's Rock Fertile Prairie->Fenced Pasture Rushing Gorge->Waterworn Gully Tinman Snowstrider->Tinman Deputy Peaceful Pueblo->Frontier Pueblo

Legendified Six Gunner into Sammy 'Sixhands' Steelman. Effect modified to be a super Power Conduit variant.

To make Babe the Big Blue Ox a little more ... big, Timberland Giant increased in size and mana cost.

added reminder text to two cards with prowess

Some typo and templating fixes.