Contenders (Main Set) (Version 18)

Author: TimFReilly Date: 2018-06-17 08:10:46 Stage: Development

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Version 18 updates fall into three main categories:

  • Mercenary cards (used by Har-Oha) have all been standardized with "Wazani X" naming. A second Mercenary card has been added to test the waters.
  • A number of underplayed Uncommons were upgraded to reward players for pursuing certain strategies.
  • Smaller tweaks due to typos, rules questions, balance tweaks, and other considerations.

Mercenary Changes:

Uncommon Rebuilds:

Other Changes:

  • Goltran Prison changed to Ethereal Prison, reduced its upfront cost, and clarified what happens if the Prison is destroyed.
  • Chael’s Siphoner now Chael’s Conscript. Siphoner was left over from when there was more "life economy" in the set's design, before the Contenders were created. The new Conscript is a generally useful Arise card that further rewards stocking up on graveyard cards.
  • Stalking Gloom gets a new picture and name with Choking Gloom.
  • Blazewielder replaced with Slagwielder. There needed to be another Elemental for Gralanth, and Blazewielder, though strong, was one of the few common creatures that could budge. I'm hoping to add more variety to red beyond burn.
  • Changed Hill Crusader to give some better push-through power to White.
  • Changed Pull Beneath to be a normal bounce spell with a Scry 2 rider. I could imagine changing this again, but the previous version was too awkward and inconsistent.
  • Changed Mana Weirding nerfed from Forerunner 2 to Forerunner 1 with haste. I think the Weirding single-handedly ruined a few games.
  • Changed Scourge of the Coasts to include "you control". Thanks to Edmund who managed to not only notice the wrong wording but also managed to leverage it to come back in a game.